When mind lost the control of body nothing seems alright,

Would you come in my dreams tonight?

I may seem distant far away from you,

And certain things crawl in just to scare you.

You forgot to close that door tight,

I'm frightened, would you come in my dreams tonight?

I may be lost in the jungle with creatures of the night,

It so dark, peaceful here, but I’m alright.

My life seems to be trap, I’m dungeon for fight,

I have won, so would you come in my dreams tonight?

 I may not or will be perfect for you,

This abrasion seems absurd and so that’s your exit cue.

You can go away, be on that path and disappear into twilight,

But I will be waiting, would you come in my dreams tonight?

So just think about memories that made us right,

Hope you find me there and would you come in my dreams tonight?

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