Home Remedies for Long Hairs

40 Awesome Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

​ Most of us remember those days when our mothers used to make us eat almonds everyday, saying, that it’ll sharpen our brains and make us a genius.  My mother did the same with me too! Not only were those daily doses of almonds healthy for my brain, but also for my skin.  And later when I got to know about the plethora of benefits almond and its oil holds, did I realize how correct my mother was. Almond Oil is used as a beauty aid in many cosmetics. It is loaded with vitamins like...

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Home remedies to make hair long

Every woman wants long and long hair. It increases the beauty of women as well as self-confidence. Nowadays, the problem of hair loss has become common due to increasing stress levels and pollution. Some people also get advice from the doctor to get rid of the problem of hair growth and their fall. Besides medical consultation, you can also take care of your hair with some home remedies. Some home remedies and little changes in your habits will prove to be a panacea for hair. Read more...

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How to get Straight Long Hair with Homemade Oil and masks

Everyone wants straight hair for hassle free days. The 3 steps routine needs to be followed for perfect hair day. After this routine for 2 weeks, one can post many pictures on Instagram with #goodhairdays. 3 STEPS ROUTINE: Apply Oil Hair mask Conditioning APPLY OIL: Regularly applying oil helps to prevent early greying of hair. Also, it makes hair smooth and silky....

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