There is nothing as delicious as gossip. It just melts in the mouth.

The CCTVs of my neighborhood The place where I live livens up in the evening. You can hear the noisy streets, vibrating parks, speaking benches and not the least the gossiping verandah's hahaha..... It's the time when kids are out for playing, health conscious people walk around and most importantly the aunty's of my society try to relieve their indigestion. The indigestion mentioned here has nothing to do with any of the medico reasons rather it is the consequence of the over...

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Essential characteristics of an ideal man

​ Women have always been creatures who are full of mystery for men. Whether it's about choices, likes, and dislikes, men always find them difficult to understand and especially when it's about ‘’ being their guy’’. Men still can’t find out what are those characteristics which women see in them. Well well, I guess following points will help you out. 1)Honesty: is everything Girls always prefer those men who are honest and sometimes men don’t understand that. Men have a perception that...

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5 ways to get over a break up

How to get over a break up: So babe done crying? No, no I won't console you, or ask you to stop crying, but let me tell you one thing that they're not worth it. They don't deserve it and they're just leaving place for something better for you. 1) Get rid of memories: that's a difficult job but nothing's impossible. Start deleting your pictures with them or any picture in your phone which makes it difficult for you to move on. Okay, I know you can't do it , you love them...

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