There are lot of apps available in "Playstore" and various app stores to earn money. Different apps are giving different types of offers to their users to earn bucks. "Taskbuck" is one of them.

One of my friend send me the link to download this app for that referral he was supposed to get some bucks like every app does to promote their apps.I have downloaded and used it so thought to give a review.

Taskbuck is an app in which you can earn paytm cashes as well as recharge top ups.

If you download this app through referral you will get an amount of Rs 18 for that and after that you will get lot of offers like download and earn, refer and earn, play quiz, reading news and lot of offers to earn money through the app.

As soon as you download the app nothing you will get paid for. After downloading, you will get a list of various apps to download and for that you will get paid certain amount but there is a condition that you have to keep those apps for certain period. If you fail to keep it for certain days/weeks even for months, you won't get paid even after downloading it.

As soon as i downloaded, the app got vanished from my profile section for what I was supposed to get paid. So, hoping to earn some bucks i kept those apps for certain time like 7/15/30 days but neither I got paid for downloading nor for keeping it so many days in my phone.

One more worst thing about this app is there is no proper way to interact with the customer care or app developer. If you raise any issue in the Google play store they will ask you to mail them, mailing them again and again you won't get reply.

By downloading a lot of apps, you will loose your mobile data. If you have a Wifi connection or unlimited data plan then just forget about the data for a while but keeping those unnecessary apps in your phone might affect your phone they consume a lot of space.

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