The recent Gujarat election has given birth to some new possibilities in Indian politics. Though the Modi-magic is still unchanged after 2014, the result did confirm the fact that a large number of people in BJP governed states are thinking for a change. There are no strong issues for it to predict; perhaps it’s all about giving a chance to another party! Whatever it might be, this Gujarat election has started to evoke some new equations in the minds of political analysts like:

i.    This election was an acid-test for new Congress-supremo Rahul Gandhi. The people of India have never seen him campaigning so passionately like this election in recent past. His devotion at that time was truly appreciable. On the other hand, it was a prestige issue for NAMO to win this election as his own political career is attached to this state. However, at the time of rallies or campaigning NOMO magic was easily traceable but what the most important a fact is Rahul was not too much behind! So, should we be ready to experience a good battle from the oppositions on 2019? 

ii.    The attack-counter attack to one another cleared it that no one is going to give another an inch without a battle. While there were so many issues like demonetisation, anti-Islamism, unemployment to attack BJP, one of the Congress leaders raised his level of attack saying the present Prime Minister a ‘nich’. (Watch here: The savvy politician Narendra Modi did not do any mistake to turn this condemnable comment a strong issue for this election. He also took allegation against some of the ministers of former UPA government for making conspiracy with Pakistan to wipe out the present government. Indian politics is not beyond these attack-counter attack sessions but this time the height of condemning each other is remarkable! Does it really suggest the end of showing courtesy in Indian politics?

iii.    In spite of all accusations, at the end of the day, some numerical figures confirmed that THE COLOUR OF INDIAN MAP IS GRADUALLY TURNING TO BE ALMOST SAFFRON. There are 19 states under their power now. No doubt it’s a great achievement for any political party to come to power with such a large mandate. And BJP has done it. People are still accepting them wholeheartedly. Will it be continued in the Lok Sabha election of 2019? 

iv.    Besides all these things, this election was a big competition between the two leaders to show their charisma. Still, NOMO’s popularity is unquestionable but at the same time, Rahul also looks smart enough as a competent rival.


There is almost one year left for both the parties to calculate their follies and make strategies for the grand election of 2019. Will UPA regain their lost power and Gandhi be the saviour of the party like his ancestors? Or from Kashmir to Kanyakumari there will be ONLY ONE COLOUR- GERUA (SAFFRON)!

Time itself will answer the questions.             

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