Dan Brown - I must confess I was fascinated towards the author after reading his most controversial novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I enjoyed all his works, whether it may be part of Robert Langdon`s series (Angel & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, Origin) or his standalone works (Digital Fortress, Deception Point). But to be honest, I like Robert Langdon's series better than his standalone novels. Why? Because I love the way Robert Langdon perceives the world around him, or rather I should put it, the way Dan Brown acknowledges the symbols and clues around him from Robert Langdon's eyes.

I won't say that I read a lot of novels, but reading novels amuses me. And Dan Brown has been my favorite author for quite a while now. I eagerly wait for his fresh arrivals. My way of reading Dan Brown's novel, specially the Langdon Series, is a bit different than reading any other novel. I haven't been to any of the places which are mentioned in his novels, so every time when I come across any reference of an actual place, my first instinct is to ‘Google’ the place, check out its pictures online and then continue reading. This way I create a better imagination and gratification for myself.

Recently I completed his latest work, Origin, a science fiction mystery thriller novel released in October 2017. Like its predecessors, the novel was full of mystery and thriller. Beautifully crafted with keeping religion and science in balance.

Although I must admit, there was lot of similarities between Edmond Kirsch's Winston and Tony Stark's Jarvis, and how A.I. can misinterpret the requirement was something like Viki in Will Smith's ‘I ROBOT’. But the concept and plot around ‘Where we came from?’ and ‘Where we are heading?’ was remarkably appreciated. The relationship between science and religion, logic and faith, basically the two sides of coins was showcased in the entire novel.

With the mystery of the murder and identity of ‘The Regent’, thrilling experience of Robert Langdon and Ambra Vidal in exposing the presentation and the suspense regarding the content of the presentation, answer to the questions ‘Where we came from?’ and ‘Where we are heading?’, I was totally engulfed in the novel and it forced me to complete it as soon as possible.

The touch of Royal Family of Spain, and characters like prince Julián, Mónica Martín, Agent Suresh Bhalla etc. were sufficient to add the pinch of salt in the taste.

Like all other Dan Brown work, this Novel will also come in ‘MUST READ’ category. Neither I am a critic nor I have enough right to rate Dan Brown's works, still in my opinion I'll rate the novel 4.8/5, not 5 because somewhere most middle, I was able to guess the suspense of ‘Regent’ and Conspiracy Net's source of information.

Below I have shared some of the places mentioned in the Novel.


And finally the symbol which Robert Langdon shown us in FedEx logo. Remember, ‘once you see it you can't unsee it’... Find it yourself...

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