Recall what profession you had chosen when you were a kid. Are you in that profession now or are your aspirations same as it were, most of the people will answer it no. This is due to our great education system by which we all are suffering. Our education system is making us a kind of a product that can be sold to companies to execute their tasks. There are only handful of people who are happy with the job they are doing.

It all starts with Nursery class in our India, where a kid learns how to write and speak the alphabets in two languages English and Hindi and whole year goes on learning alphabets, mathematical numbers and other poems with a bit of fun. Next year, new class, new books but same curriculum, child again writes all the alphabets and numerals plus he starts writing small words. So collectively a child spent 3-4 years
to learn how to write and speak basic words and numbers. Then he starts adding and subtracting numbers in Grade 1 and in Grade 2 he again adds and subtracts. Multiplication starts in Grade 3 so collectively a child spends 3 years to learn basic mathematical techniques plus writing basic words in English and Hindi. But most of
the children don't get the basic concepts behind these simple calculations due to rote learning and here comes maths phobia. 
This is how maths phobia gets developed. In order to secure first position in class, most of the children use techniques like rote learning because they don't know is it harmful and will ruin fun of studies. 

Lets jump to Grade 6, a child studies 5-6 subjects and he don't know why he is studying those subjects. Out of 6 subjects, a student likes 2 subjects only but he need to study all 6 because it is tradition. Still goal is not finalized and path is not clear what to do in life.

Somehow he crosses 4 years and passes Grade 10. Some of the toppers get 90+
percents and CGPAs and they think they are the king of the world. I don't know why these kind of things are considered good. Most of the toppers don't even know what they had studied but again if marks are good then everything is good.

Then comes subject selection. Most of the people choose Mathematics because of huge scope and parents try to force their kids to take Mathematics. 

We will talk about this reality further in this article let's talk about flaws in this system.

What is language?

So, language is the mode of verbal and written communication and a Indian knows how to speak Hindi and he knows all the grammar and rules of it. But in schools we are still teaching Hindi grammar which is kind of useless for Indians. If this subject is removed then a lot of time will be saved and a child can do something else in that mean time.

In India, children are taught that if you will not study then you are not going to earn good money, but it is not like that. A person should not do anything new without a burning desire. If a person really sings good then he should stop studying and should start making singing skills sharp. If a person likes programming then he should stop studying useless subjects and should start learning programming in the mean time. As far as money is considered, so there are many people who are earning without a degree or a mark sheet because a piece of paper cannot decide your future.

And in this age of internet, nothing is beyond reach of common people. If you want to earn money by singing or playing music, then you don't need to have a good network of big musicians or to release a music album. You just need a good mic and music and you can start recording at your home then you need to upload it on YouTube and if you really got talent then you will definitely earn more than degree holders. So it is not necessary to study all the useless things. Only study the things that you like and build your future in that only but always remember there is no overnight success.

YouTube is kind of a weapon by which you can put your opinion in different sections, you can teach if you like, you can sing if you like, you can dance if you like. In collective you can live life independently according to you.

Let's talk about further studies. So most of the students go for Engineering and some to become doctor and there are some warriors who go for sales and some for something else.

I am not against any profession but one should not choose any profession without any burning desire or a target to achieve something.

But reality is that, profession is chosen by analysing future scope and money. But in my opinion money comes automatically if you've got passion and burning desire to do something or to make something. If you have burning desire, either you will be working on the topmost post of a company or you will start your own company, this is the power of burning desire to do something and it does not matter in which field you are doing.

And this is totally up to you what profession you have to choose, never ever choose a profession through your parents or your friends choice, because other than you no one knows your potential and your passion.

Either be Original or be Gone!

-Kushal Sharma

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