Uber technologies Inc is a global taxi company from US. They rolled out in India and introduced first their service in Bangalore and after that now they are all over 29 cities. Their vision is to provide the best service to the riders who commute daily for their work. 

I am a regular rider of Uber and I commute daily a distance of 19 km and at the end of trip I am always in terror what will be the fare because it is always different to what I am shown especially for uberpool. One day my driver skipped the route of toll gate and to my surprise I was charged 30 rupees less, HURRAY! I was so happy. The same day in evening I told my driver to take a separate route and I was charged double. To my information, I came to know Uber fare is dependent on time. As I skipped the route of toll my amount was deducted but at the same time due to traffic I was charged more 😝I.  was so petrified using uberpool, every time it showed Rs 139 but the fare was Rs 315. I have no option but to contact Uber support. I must thank @ubersuppport for understanding problems and giving refund back.

The next day I googled out of curiosity how are fares calculated? To my knowledge I came to know that it depends on base fare (the price for pick up), time (start to end trip), distance (miles or km), surge pricing and toll is additional. Oh my god it’s being calculated by so many factors. 

They have launched Uber pass service and trust me it’s good. Under that category you can avail for rides at flat fare for Uber go and Uber premier at Rs 139 and Rs 159 respectively. For long distance of  more than 15 km you can try Uber premier rides as they are cost affordable for longer distance. They are available very quickly, for that you have to buy the pass which is valid for 28 days.

What I like about Uber pool is that they picks only 2 customers on the ride and they don’t encourage any other trip unless they drop you.

This is the request Uber to please come up with Best discount prices for the people who commute daily, and please maintain the fare which is being shown. The upfront fare is being not liked by the customers. We really need Uber and always look forward to provide you business in turn just want comfort at affordable prices.

The latest they have launched is @UberEats which is an online meal ordering and delivering platform.Lets wait for new upcoming services.


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