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Hello World !

This is me who worked in a very big company just because of the brand name.

So here are few tips and suggestions of my 8 months experience, to share with all the students around who wish to join big companies that too mainly in a customer service.

Think it's my fate as it was my 1st ever job after Graduating in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I went for walk-in in my home town just to accompany my friend. But so called fucking destiny had other plans. Unfortunately, I got selected rather than my friend. I had no option other than to jump into a company whose name starts with 1st letter and ends with last letter of alphabet series, since I had no other job.

Now lets get to the main story and the things you face here.

Pre-Hire Orientation : This is the 1st thing they will do in here after you get selected. They will ask you to come to their organisation for this orientation where they will tell you all the benefits, your offs, your salary, your increments (occasionally it will be given like in 6 months that too Rs 800 to 900), transport facilities.

Things to remember :

1. Clearly understand what they want from you.

2. Don't fall for any of their tricks because deep down you'll face lot of struggles.

3. Get a pin-point answers about your pay and increments.

4. Shift timings and your breaks.

5. Area of opportunity (This you can understand if you are an experienced candidate or else if you are fresher you'll get to know the sad part about it only in the long run).

Working there: 

1. Training: It will be the 1st part where they will allow you to enjoy but try to learn more as they will demotivate you when you're on the floor in the working process.

2. Assessment: Where-ever you go, this will determine what you've learnt in training phase. Most of the companies will reject you in this process even if you are 0.1% less than their desired percentage.

3Assigning teams: After you graduate from assessment then the next thing will be assigning you in a different team. For all freshers, this will take time to cope up as you would've got along with your training team like your school mates. 

Assigning and changing teams in this field will be more often repeated one. So be ready for everything.

4. Shift change: Throughout training phase you will be put in morning shifts only. After you're on floor you will be changed to night shifts, graveyard shifts (3 PM-12 AM, 5 PM-2 AM) and mid shifts like 12 PM-9 PM etc. So your whole day to day activities will change. Your food habits will change. You will feel something that you don't want to feel. So this will be adaptable only for some people. Others have to endure it if they want to financially support their family, as there is no other go.

5. Week offs: From school till date week-off's for all of us means Saturday and Sunday. But here in BPO they will ask you to work for 5 days based upon your shifts and you will have a crazy week-offs like Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Friday or even Monday and Tuesday or Friday and Saturday and some lucky peeps get week-off's like Saturday and Sunday or Sunday and Monday.

So get ready to face them all. They will make you get adapt soon just by giving you more and more work.

6. Handing customers: If you're selected for a non-voice process thank GOD, just thank whoever or whatever good things that you must've done to get into non-voice process. Because in a non-voice medium i.e Chat or Email you won't face so much frustration and get stressed as you get in a voice process.

Scenario: Imagine a customer scolds you mainly with 'F' word in a non-voice medium. It will be like a scolding you'll get from your friend in whats-app chat. Imagine the same scenario in a voice process. When a customer scolds you with a 'F' word that gets straight to your heart and mind. You should know to control your feelings. You should not scold the customer as it is against the company's policy. 

If you get this scenario to your higher officials, their obvious reply will be "don't get tensed or feel bad because the customer is not scolding you, he is scolding the company. Your job is to satisfy the customer so try to make him understand what really happened and gain the trust of the customer."

7. Next post: When you become experienced and want to move to next level there will be people who'll demotivate you. There will be people who will say that 'you're not ready'. Some will say 'you are not fit for that'. Many will say 'you be in the same level for another 6 months and try after that'. Crossing all these hurdles if you try to apply for it, they will say "your performance was not up-to the mark and there are more people who are more experienced than you are and have more percentages in their respective performances."

These sort of things will happen even in "EARTH's MOST CUSTOMER-CENTRIC COMPANY"

8. Conclusion: If you are destined for doing this job, please carry on. If you think that you're getting stressed, frustrated and wasting time please leave and look for another job. 

Ask the person inside you. He/she will tell you whether to continue or not.

MY PIECE OF ADVICE: Find your strength, Find your passion, Find what you love to do. Get two of your friends, start a small startup venture rather than sitting, stressing, getting scoldings. Not being yourself and working for someone else? Rather work for yourselves and start enjoying. When you do something for yourselves you'll do it with more love and passion rather when you do it for someone else for the sake of getting salary.

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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