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Saviour For Hope


In this essay i will be discussing about how men are treated like machines, and how in society no human kind regarding any race,culture and sex should be treated as they are a machine.


The world we live in today consist of two types: The rich and the poor, we as a society should work on fixing our society like it was before but as the world develops into more future base we intend to not care for one another. Back in the day you would see a child respecting their elders and doing the commands they were told to do for example washing dishes etc, now the new generation we are living today we intend not to listen to our parents more often and we as a nation should push this message and start fixing our wrongs and have more rights.


In my visual i discuss how RP McMurphy helps patients at the hospital and how he initially boost their confidence of freedom and to not give up because their will always be a brighter day ahead and there is more sunshine than dark days. Initially McMurphy helps patients at the local hospital he stays at by boosting their confidence of freedom, however how Ratched treats the men at the hospital is bad because it demonstrates we are not human by not standing up for the mens that are treated this way.

Consequently Chief bromden comes into the story by not fully speaking as we do not know if he is shy or not he played high school football, which enabled him to travel to different areas

Chief's delusions decrease,and he even begins to communicate verbally with McMurphy and the other ward patients he is usually known for not communicating with his fellow peers because he is isolated and has his own world around him.A strong man like Chief Bromden should have the strength and courage to pursue others around him to have faith and not to give up and let nurse Ratched control how their lives are lived because at the end of the day each humankind is intended to live their own lives and how they want to live it. His salvation is completed when he performs a great escapes from the hospital, Chief bromden is a role model for all the other patients who do not have the courage and confidence to escape the hospital they are currently staying at.


The symbols i have chosen in my visual is McMurphy  and a bunch of “gears” surrounding him. I picked a black and red as my primary colours  because they demonstrate a bad mood for the men that are being treated like machines as it represents their mood because of how badly they have been treated. Furthermore in my visual i am comparing between the gears and the men that are being treated  horrible, the gears represent the antagonist in this case and the men that are trapped represent the protagonist.  

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