How hungry is Kohli?

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One fine evening on 26th January, 2018 when South Africa's Dean Elgar and Hashim Alma were batting on 124/1 in pursuit of chasing India's target of 241 in third and the final test, everyone was confident enough that South Africa would take the series 3-0. At the end of 50th over, everyone on the ground heard a voice shouting "Come on guys..!!!. We can win this..!!". At the end of the day India won the test by 63 runs and took down South Africa in their own background. The guy who showed that the toughest targets can still be achieved if you believe you can is The Indian Captian- Virat Kohli.

The question is not will Kohli achieve greater heights in his career but how hungry is he to achieve it. Everyone remembers Kohli's innings of 133 vs Sri Lanka in Hobart, when people thought that it is far from possible to chase a target of 321 under 40 overs, Kohli walked into the crease with such hunger to win and determination that he helped India chase the target within 37 overs. When he walks into the ground, I don't know if Kohli sees the pitch or the players or the audience, but I see a hungry lion ready to hunt its prey. The way Kohli anchors his innings while chasing is no less than a lion hunting down its prey. I have never seen a lion chasing its prey in live, but I don't regret it as I had the privilege to see Kohli chasing down the target.

Virat Kohli is a Superman when it comes to chasing the target, he is Flash when it comes to fielding in the ground, he is the Dark Knight (Batman) when it comes to leading the team to victory and finally he is the Aquaman when it comes to running between the wickets. He is an Indian version of Justice League you can get. Every time he celebrates after scoring a century, I look into his eyes and I see hunger for another century. The greatest quality Kohli possess is he hates to lose. He always wants to win. Let it be a IPL match or a Ranji match or even a friendly football match, he wants to win. Like Sachin Tendulkar once said, "Even if its my brother on the opposite side, I wanna win".

After playing over 25 years of cricket in his life, Virat Kohli is still hungry to achieve more and as every day passes by his hunger is growing at an unimaginable rate. People consider Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Joe Root and Kane Williamson as modern day greats, but the hunger for success that Virat Kohli has is on another level when compared to the other three. Sometimes people misinterpret hunger for success as arrogance. There is a hairline difference between the two and Virat Kohli has always been on the hungry side and not the negative one.

An old man once said, "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, its about what you inspire others to do". He has taken over captaincy from MS Dhoni three years back and since then he is leading the team to the best of his abilities and Indian cricket team has done really good at home and now they are going to face the biggest challenge overseas. People expect Kohli to lead the team to success even at overseas. He may succeed in doing so or he may not, but whatever happens people will look up to him as an example and he is going to prove again and again that no matter how many difficulties you face, but if you have that hunger to win, you will always win.

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