Many of you know the importance of creating a good Hashtag representing your social media campaign on Twitter. But what many do not know is how to use them or what not to do with them. Here are seven tips for your campaigns that do not end up being a irritation for your followers and customers.

1. Do not carry a paragraph of only hashtags

It is important that you define one or two that represents the spirit of your campaign. If your content has too many tags, it will be boring and will not have the impact you are looking for.

2. Do not use tags unrelated to your topic

Tags that are unrelated to the content you've posted or what you're trying to say only confuses your followers. They do not serve what you are trying to communicate. Use them with care.

3. Go according to your content

This will only make you look like a person that has just discovered this feature. It does not convey meaning. It breaks the thread of your message and looks ridiculous.

4. Do not repeat the label more than once in your message

In your attempt to make known your hashtag or what you are trying to promote, you fall into the error of repeating it to the point of exhaustion. Like you, your followers will also get tired of it.

5. Twitter to twitter and Facebook to Facebook

Do not try to make your message on Facebook look like Twitter. The tags belong to Twitter territory. If you are going to use one on Facebook, make it for a valid reason.

6. Do not use a label for help
They are very difficult to read and do not make much sense. Restrict yours to one or two words and be sure to use capital letters to differentiate them.

7. Do not seek or ask to be followed
Many brands use labels like followback, like2like and smile. Do not fall for this terrible mistake. You will only fill your list of followers with people completely alien to you that has nothing to do with your brand. It is not worth. 

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