Pinterest is the social network of most recent things. Its ability is to share pictures and videos termed ‘pins’. People like those pins through individual or virtual boards. The educational potential of Pinterest is based on the effective union of some of the typical functionalities of social networks with a very attractive visual design. Here is a small guide to get started in the use of this great social network and some ideas to use it in other places. 

To start, you must register using an invitation. You can also request directly to Pinterest or have received an invitation from someone already registered on the site. Registration can be done either with your email or using your Facebook or Twitter account. In any case, you can connect your Facebook and twitter accounts with Pinterest so that your activity can be easily registered in all the three social networks. 

To add your content the first time, you enter into a showcase called Pinterest boards with randomly selected users and open pins. It's time to create your own content, follow users with common interests and set up your own virtual wall. Pinterest allows several options from the ‘add’ button. You can add a pin through the URL of an image or video.

Each pin added to your wall will be accompanied by the URL of the original image or video, a link to the user who has pinned it and the board to which it belongs. In each pin, you can also add explanatory text, upload a picture or video from your team. You have to create a board to organize the pin-out content. In this case, in addition to choosing name and category, you can choose to create an individual or a collective board. 

Pinterest allows you to add collaborators through your username or email address. Once the board is created, you can add a short description of its content and choose the pin that is its cover. You can also search through the browser, content that appears on the top right of the page title of pins, the name of the boards or the name of users.

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