What do you look for, when you are choosing the right TV for your home, office or any other use? There are a lot of things one needs to consider. But it’s highly unlikely that people get any ahead than the brand name, size, and resolution. The more advanced people might even look for the smart connectivity or HDR Compatibility. But Samsung, one of the biggest tech giants, known to lead the innovation in many fields have made it possible. People are going crazy over the latest “THE” series released by Samsung which also includes the gigantic 146 inch TV which is in the concept stage right now. But Samsung has released two versions, 55 inch and 65 inch TVs. These TVs are exactly what you would have wanted this year for your houses. The latest product of this range is “THE WALL” is in just the concept stage. This audacious rage by Samsung has many scalable and more viable options for its customers. “THE FRAME” is that one TV. When the TV mode is on, the TV will be working just as a great television, but switching it off will bring out its signature feature. Once the TV is off, it starts to act as a large frame that can display artwork or pictures.

The TV has really great aesthetics. It’s as good as a TV gets. TV has really advanced customizable features which is just treated for the users to have. The customers will also be getting a subscription to the different works of prominent artists.

Both the variants of “The Frame” have a 4K-resolution (3840 × 2160) which ensures that the picture quality is definitely great because let’s face it, the 4K content looks pretty and real. The high resolution in this TV is neat without any of the hitches, especially in motion.  It is rather surprising to see how it manages the low-quality content, it doesn’t pixelate the way you would expect. A certain level of smoothness is there in the pictures. Another important aspect of this TV is the absence of messy cables. This is just amazing for a TV with so many unique and outstanding features.

There are two ways of mounting the TV, stand mounting as well as the wall mounting. This allows the customer to a certain level of freedom. As the name suggests, the Frame is designed to look like a frame, and not just a normal frame.

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Source: https://samsungmobile.in/samsung-the-frame-the-next-generation-television/

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