The present generation computers are very powerful, fast and comes with huge storage space. But there are still many of us having computers, which once used to be super but now has become average as compared to present day computers. Still if we maintain it properly, we can get a decent performance out of it.

So following are some very useful tips, that can make a computer deliver a decent performance.

Keep your drive segment, in which you have installed the Operating system, free. Keep only important softwares like antivirus, drivers etc in that drive segment. Browsers and entertainment stuffs like games, videos, pictures, documents etc should be kept in separate drive.

Keep your drivers and softwares, up to date. An updates includes performance enhancements, bug fixes, new features, stability improvements and power consumption improvements which increases the performance of computers greatly.

Don't install any software, about which you are not sure of. There are many softwares which are of no use, they are just 'unwanted weeds' like in case of 'farming'. It is always better to read about the use, user reviews and expert advise before installing any software and download softwares from trusted and verified links. Many a times while installing a particular software, some unwanted softwares are asked to be installed (which is optional in many cases). Just make sure to cancel the installation of these unwanted softwares and just install only that particular software which you need.

Defragment your drive on a regular basis. While working on a software, adding, deleting or editing data, many files gets randomly located in the drives by itself which is called fragmentation. Defragmentation relocates the fragmented files to its correct location which free up spaces and increases speed.

Keep your Recycle bin or Trash, empty. Deleting files from computer just moves that files into the Recycle bin or Trash which actually consumes the space of the drive where the operating system is installed and it slows down the computer. So it is better to permanently delete unnecessary files and free up space. Some softwares after taking updates or getting uninstalled does not remove the old files, which consumes unnecessary space so it is better to remove them manually.

☆ For hardware maintenance, keep your computer clean and at a place away from dust. If you want, it is good to get your CPU cleaned from inside the case because sometimes the dust settling on the components might degrade the computer's performance. Also keep your computer, especially CPU, cool. Heating degrades the performance of any machine alot. Avoid covering the CPU with any cloth or case covers when the machine is switched on and keep the computer at a cold region of your workspace.

By doing these recommended simple tricks, one can get the best performance from their computer.

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