A Good Resume gets you a Good Job

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Writing a good resume can be crucial to ensuring the job you want. But how do you make an overview and a good resume? Here are some suggestions.

What is a CV?

CV stands for curriculum vitae. A CV should be a short and good summary of what you have done in your life such as schools and colleges attended, courses finished, previous experience if any and other relevant things.
From this, the employer will easily get an overview of your experience and what you can do when reading your resume. The CV is what the first employer looks at, and out of which he sorts which applications are worth considering. Therefore, spend some time in writing a good CV. It increases your chance of being invited to an interview. Also, please remember to customize your CV for the type of job you are looking for. 

How do you set up your CV?

A CV must always be in addition to your application for the job, and these must complement each other. CV and job application must always be sent together. Most important is that your resume is neat, clear and free of any typing errors. 

In general, the CV should contain all the important details such as personal data (name, address, phone number, Mobile number, Email, date of birth, relationship status, educational qualifications, relevant job experience, courses undergone, language skills, computer skills, leisure interests, hobbies and references. 

Begin each category to write down your latest experience at the top, and always type the month and year you started and finish the different points you would like to mention. Also write briefly what kind of tasks you handled in your different experiences. If you leave something blank in your CV, i.e. periods where you have not worked, went to school, traveled or did something else, the employer notices it. 

Therefore, you may be asked to explain this if you are called for an interview. If you use the 'other experience' and 'relevant experience' categories instead of 'work experience' category, it is easier to sort your experience according to the type of job you are applying for. 

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