The Mansion was decorated with all sorts of lavish trinkets, lush green garden sparkled with vibrant neon lights, the fountain in the mansion was seeking everybody's attention with its never ending cascade of water embellished with bright red light. Girish married his dream girl Sania and this was the party he threw in his private mansion. He proposed her six months ago since then they were engaged, now after Girish's Promotion as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in a company which dealt in pharmaceuticals and other drugs, they were finally married. Girish was an IIM graduate. He got a scholarship and completed his masters in business management from Cambridge University. Sanya was his crush in college but there was something in this girl which attracted him like no one could. "For that dimples and that smile, he could pay at least a million'. He chuckles as he gave a media bite to a news report, Sanya Blushed. Invited in the party were all batch mates of Girish and Sanya. They were enjoying that day to the fullest. Plenty to eat plenty to drink, It was a marvelous evening. Girish had set an example for all his batch mates. What a man needs to be happy and content, a high salaried job, a beautiful wife to love and be loved, a handful  of good friends, and he had them all.

But it is rightly said that after every moment of rise there is a fall too. Same was with Girish also when everything was good in his life, one phone call changed his life. It was a usual day for Girish. After having morning exercise session and going through his daily routine of reading newspaper while having fresh orange juice and toast with his better half Sanya 'Giri come home soon we will go for a movie and Giri I will be at Ashmita's house. We friends have planned a small card game among ourselves.' Sanya told Girish as she adjusted his tie. 'Okay' he smiled 'take care'. He kissed her forehead and left for office happily in his car. He was in a meeting when he received a phone call from an unknown number which naturally he silenced. The phone vibrated soon after he silenced it,  a call from same number again forced him to  beg excuse from his colleagues to attend that. After a while on the phone, he rushed to his cabin took his keys and went downstairs running. He was gasping, his hands trembling and his heart pounding against his chest. Sanya has met with an accident, she was admitted to the nearest hospital. The call was from the hospital authorities who called him as they found several call to that number in her call log. Girish manged somehow to reach the hospital. He had asked at least three four attendants and nurses before getting near the cabin in which his wife was admitted, The doctor was there discussing something with the nurse,. "Doc! Will she be ok? Is there anything to worry? What happened?" He fired question after questions though he was running out of breaths. "Sorry, Sir it was too late. There was a head injury. The blood loss was far from being coped up by the body, We tried our best but we could not help." This news fall upon him like a thunder, he nearly fainted there. He went near the corpse, his own Sanya laid there breathless. Her face had several scratches and here and there some cut marks. He gazed upon her as long as he could till his vision got blurred by the tears. He spent a whole night near her till the nurse finally woke him up.

Her funeral rites was complete by now, but Girish has not yet recovered from the trauma of the tragic loss. He had become an alcohol addict. His company was running in losses now, they were soon closing it. He would spend endless nights in bars and streets. He forgot he had a mansion. He would spent hours together watching the waves of the sea and hoping someday Sanya will be back. One day, he decided that if she can't come to her, he better join her in her heavenly abode.

He was there at the same place of the sea. He saw some kids making sand castles near the beach. They were jolly and ecstatic they helped each other, giggled and slowly slowly piled up each bucket of sand. Then a tide came and washed away all their handwork but they clapped and laughed in happiness. They started making the castle again. After a while, again another tide passed by and with it took all the sands piled up. But to his surprise they giggled again and started filling up their buckets with mud. He was now confused and astonished. He asked himself how they could be so happy, after all their hard work was washed up in a moment. Every time the waves came, the castle was wiped up clean and but the children do not ended this in despair. Indeed every time the waves washed up the castle, they were inspired to make one more. Watching them, Girish was all pumped up. He chucked up the idea to kill himself. He told himself "instead of accepting defeat galloping the truth they strive harder. Just one setback can't let me end my life. Sanya would not be very pleased if I just gave up." He left the place crushing in his feet the half burnt flake of cigarette and moved ahead.

Friends life is like a tide, we all make castles of happiness and pleasant memories. But It could be wiped up any moment. But its not what can set you back. You will have plenty of opportunities until the next tide. You can't my friend deny the fact that there will be no tides in life. Don't let it stop you from making castles of happiness and enjoy the moment you live in now. 

Inspired by a article by Mata Amritanandamyi Devi

Image source Google pics and getty images. 

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