​I welcome you all again to this beautiful and blissful journey of self love and healing. The credit of this article goes to Ms. Marie Forleo, the founder of B-school and MarieTV.

​I was really amazed when I heard her talking about the importance of the present moment. She says "HUG THE MOMENT" and this has become my mantra for life.

​As we focus on our willingness to change and stick to the promises we have made to ourselves, we need to understand that love can enter and heal us only in the present moment. Maybe in the present moment you are in distress, maybe something has gone wrong or someone has betrayed you,  maybe you are in some sort of crisis and in desperate need of help and guidance. Help will arrive and that too in the present moment.

​"Okay now, I am in debt. So are you trying to say that in this present moment someone is going to give me a million dollars?" This is the belief system which is operating in our heads which prevents us from holding onto faith.

​Let me clarify to you what HUG THE MOMENT actually means. Firstly, it does not mean at all that you need to try to force yourself to be happy when you are in a state of distress. Neither does it mean that you stop hoping and dreaming of a better tomorrow. HUG THE MOMENT means that this moment is yours to make a change, this is your moment to make a choice, this moment is for you to make a choice to see things differently. We may not be aware of the fact that in every moment we are constantly choosing either love or fear, either faith or worry. This selection happens at the subconscious level, so we never seem to think of it. But the truth is that we ourselves create the life we live by the moment to moment choices that we make.

​The supreme power does not force us to choose love and faith. We are given this choice in every moment of our lives. Its actually a blessing that we can tune into the energy of love whenever we want. So this Hug day lets strengthen our willingness to see things differently by consciously choosing faith over fear in every moment. As I always say that we need divine help in all that we do, lets say a prayer and ask for help. I am repeating again that I am using the term God here but you can address any form of supreme power you believe in.

​Dear God,

            Thank you for giving me the right to choose you over all the fears and false beliefs created by this mortal world. I know that I have always chosen fear over faith. But in this moment, I am willing to make a different choice. I am willing to hear your voice and not listen to the lies told by my fear. I ask for your help so that I may choose faith over fear in every moment.

           May love prevail.

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