​I am so glad and proud of you all for taking such a brave step and expressing your willingness to see things differently. This promise day, get ready to make some promises to yourself which will serve as an anchor for you on this journey. We are also going to say a prayer to the divine and ask for help and guidance. So lets begin.

​1. I promise myself that I will put in all my efforts in learning some new and interesting things which are going to lead me towards my dream life.

​2. I promise myself that I will not try to control each and every situation in my life. I am willing to put all situations in the hands of the divine.

​3. I promise myself that I will put in all efforts to heal myself from within so that I can heal my relationships and my finances.

​4. I promise myself that I will take full responsibility for what I see and believe in.

​5. I promise myself that I am willing to let go of my old belief system and cultivate a new mindset.

​6. I promise myself that if I work, I am only going to work out of love and not out of fear.

​7. I promise myself that I am willing to make this commitment to love and hold on to it.

8. I promise myself that in every moment, I am willing to see faith instead of fear.

​9. I promise myself that I am willing to look at my pain as a means of divine correction.

​10. I promise myself that I am willing to look beyond the illusions of this mortal world and embrace the light so that I can shine from inside out.

​You all are simply amazing for making such great promises to yourself. But as I said that we need to lean on to the divine. So get down on your knees or you can pray in any position you are comfortable in, and lets say pray to the divine to help us. In this prayer, I am going to use the term God but you can pray to any form of supreme power you believe in, be it God or your inner guide or your higher self or even Santa or angels.

​Dear God,

          I see that I seem to have no control over all that is going on in this mortal world. I feel lost and lonely. I am unable to access my inner light. I pray to you God to strengthen my willingness to focus on my inner light rather than the outer darkness. Dear God, I am willing to see things differently. Please be my anchor as I enter into this stormy ocean not knowing where to go. Show me the path so that I can release all fear and see love instead. I put all my trust in you and begin this journey of healing.

           May love prevail.

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