Every now & then, we come across one or the other news pertaining to any Crime or Inhuman Act committed around us which mounts the following questions in front of us.

Whether honesty & kindness have become the terms from the past? 

Whether there has been a scarcity of genuine & honest people?

Whether humanity has lost its relevance or is there still a ray of hope alive?

Whether our source of accomplishment justifies our means of achieving it?

Well the answer lies in our perception towards judging people & their qualities. It is mostly influenced by the criteria/yardstick that we use to judge a person & also our level of maturity towards doing so.

It also depends on our level of bias-ness towards our closed ones for whom we are ready to forget all rules of the game. It also depends on our hatred towards a particular group or community.

To my mind, there have never been a scarcity of genuine & honest people & will never be.

We have somewhere lost the sense of recognition when it comes to judging people & that has become the major cause for the debacle of honesty & kindness.

Over time, our parameters of judging people have drastically changed. Our state of being materialistic has become a predominant factor & has overshadowed almost every positive gesture around.

We have become quite occupied with glorifying our own thoughts, words, actions, work & in this process of self obsession, we turn blind eye to qualities that others possess.

We have intentionally broken our glasses which used to judge the people on the basis of their acts & not merely by their words.

Honesty & kindness are contagious & passes on from one person to another. The only effort that it needs is sincere recognition & appreciation.

If we cannot be the part of any random act of kindness, we shouldn't shy appreciating the one who is doing it & thus we can keep the spirit alive.

So if next time, you come across somebody helping an accident effected person or simply distributing chocolates to homeless kids, do spare some time to appreciate the effort before moving further. 

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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