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You come to office, you work hard whole day and in middle of that you see everyone around you is also working hard. You feel good to see there are all hardworking and smart people around you. Then suddenly you get some goose bumps that how you will differentiate your self from them to get you next job?

Does the situation looks familiar to you? if yes then you should read this. If not then you haven't realised this thing yet so you should read it even more carefully.

If you want to make or show yourself look ahead of your team mates or friends who you think are equally smart and hardworking as you are. Then you have to do a little extra hard and smart work than them. Now question arises what can you do a little extra? The answer is learn, upgrade yourself and build some side projects. 

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Side projects is what makes you look different from others because not only they show your capability to build something on you own, it also shows your out of the box thinking. As building side projects you go throughout the life cycle of a projects where in office you get to do only a piece of it.

When you work on side projects you not only get to explore talents and topics you might otherwise not get to explore, you learn things about yourself and the world outside of your immediate field of vision. ~Creativesomething

Side projects are also useful when you want to change your career. Suppose you are doing Stuff A and you are interested in Stuff B. Than how you will be able to show that you know Stuff B and you are interested in it? Build something related to Stuff B and show you competence in that. So that while interviews you can show this stuff and can say I want to work in Stuff B.

Side projects also help you to acquire new skills and more knowledge. It is also a simple maths if every one including you is doing x amount of work. So if you build y amount of some side projects in your free time than your total count of work done and knowledge acquired will be x + y. This comes handy when you give your interview because when interviewer asks some question and you show reference to some of your work related to what interviewer asked, Then you add a validation to your knowledge in front of interviewer.

Always remember 

What you do in dark is what makes you put in light.

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