‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Very long ago when this law was stated by Newton, little he might have known that it won't just get confined within few pages of books. But will have a deep effect in life too.

This law actually should be ingrained in everyone's life not just to state & prove phenomenons of Physics in answer sheets. But for something more than that.

Because none of us can handle flip & snap reactions of people, no matter they’re really close to us or completely unknown. Still abstaining from speaking something that might turn them off is really a difficult task.

To dive in more deeper into the ocean of human psychology, let's meet two people X & Y.

  • A tumbles down the last few stairs in front of few people.

X - ‘How can you be so careless? Everyone is mocking you for falling down.'

Y - ‘There’s nothing to be so embarrassed, even I tripped twice before.’ (though he didn’t)

  • A is sitting exhausted after several failed attempts to give it a last try.

X - ‘See buddy, I guess it’s not your cup of tea at all, as a fighter one should also know when to give up’

Y - ‘No one except you could’ve come this far, you’ll either learn or nail this time. But won’t lose’

  • A - ‘You’re so good at this. Can you please help me in learning this?’

X - ‘Oh thanks! It took me 4 years by the way, though learning this is a really hard nut to crack. Still I might help you.’

Y - ‘That’s really kind of you, I’m still learning. This is no rocket science, you’ll learn it easily & it would be my pleasure to help you.’

Did you see that?

Words pierce your heart, they get engraved & sometimes just leave a scar that never fades.

If speaking is an art then some people like Y are Picasso of it.

The irony is people like Y are very few & rarely found but the ones like X can be spotted at every nook and corner.

Imagine someone tiptoeing away silently from your life just because you messed it up.

So sometimes staying numb or not taking a call on a matter is much more important than voicing an opinion or flapping your mouth on almost everything that may hurt someone to the core of his/her heart.

Instead of singing songs of Sorry Sorry I didn’t mean it that way one should either be sensible enough to step into the other’s shoes & speak or just zip it up and stay inert, no matter what he/she gets to hear in return.

In short, one should never let their mouth spill something that keeps them on the risk of losing someone forever.

Remember? An old, wise man so rightly said that

‘Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.’

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