4 Important Terms in Google Adwords

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1. Impression: The number of impressions is the number of times an ad is displayed on Google or the Google Network.

2. Ad Group: An Ad Group contains one or more ads targeting one set of keywords. You place the maximum amount you want to pay for an ad group keyword list or for individual keywords within that ad group.

3. Keyword Matching Options: There are four types of keywords matching in Google adwords. They are broad matching, exact matching, phrase matching, and negative keywords. What is the use of these options? These options help you refine your ad targeting in the results pages of Google.

4. Maximum cost-per-impression or CPM: With site-targeted ad campaigns, you choose the maximum cost per thousand impressions (Max CPM) you are willing to pay. In max CPC, the AdWords discounter automatically cuts this amount so that the real CPM you are charged is the minimum necessary to keep your position on the page. Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) with keyword-targeted ad campaigns, you choose the maximum cost-per-click (Max CPC) you are willing to pay.

The AdWords Discounter automatically reduces this amount so that the actual CPC you are charged is just one cent more than the minimum necessary to keep your position on the page.

In Google adwords, you get the chance to write your own ads. So, naturally, the better the ad, the better chance you have to be clicked on the ads time and again. This is instant traffic to your site. You literally can be on page one of any keyword phrase you bid on in minutes.

As a precaution until you know what you are doing you are better off not to bid on the major keywords in your niche because you will spend a small fortune in a matter of minutes. Bidding on lesser searched keywords is a way to get very specific traffic for a fraction of what you would spend on higher searched phrases.

You can start to make money almost instantly with Google AdWords and there is no better tool out there for creating instant niche landing pages.

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