​There are times when we feel that we need a break and go for a trip away from Delhi's bustling and hectic life or maybe a break from the monotonous routine we follow. Few months ago, I was feeling exhausted with the daily chores of my life and I decided to go on a weekend trip. But where? My priorities were a place where I could hear the birds chirping, see the sun set, look at the beautiful sky changing it's color, read different travel related books, and get home cooked food. 

I started searching different travel-site for hotel bookings but the time I spent was in vain and I had almost dropped the plan. While watching television the ad by 'Trivago' made my hopes high and I started searching again. After some searches the word home-stay intrigued me. The pictures were quite impressive. Thus, me and my family planned for a two day trip to this particular place called the - "GORAYYA HOME-STAY". The place is in Dehradun-The city of Love. My family loves road tripping so, we drove to Dehradun. 

It was a long weekend so we left home around 7:00 in the morning and packed heavy breakfast and some snacks. Happiness is all about traveling, driving and morning breakfast - the lip smacking puri and dum aloo with a cup of home-made coffee. I was 8 hours drive as we stopped in between for photo session breaks. Reaching Dehradun was not a difficult task. The roads are super smooth and with the help of GPS we were on the right track. 

The way to Gorayya home-stay is by passing army camps and hence the beauty of the road was mesemerizing as it was lush greens everywhere. The road was uphill with little twists and turns which weren't a problem at all. Finally we reached our desired destination. The home-stay is in Dehradun but you won't feel that. When we stepped inside the home-stay you actually feel a positive vibe running through your spine as the home looks so magical. While we were looking at the courtyard - running came the helper to take us to our room. He is young boy who is swift in working. We found him really interesting. We asked him his name and he said Buddhiman. He smiled and he went to attend other guests who were living in other rooms.

Gorayya Home-Stay has four rooms. All of them are well furnished and well maintained. We were lucky to get the suite room as they say. We felt at home just that we didn't have much responsibilities. The living room was well equipped with pamphlets, books of different genre and photo books of different wildlife animals and flora and fauna. We felt like having tea so we called Buddhiman who knew what we wanted. So he asked us if we wanted tea/coffee with some pakodas before we could order. We happily said yes and told him to serve the evening snacks to us in the courtyard. Sitting relaxed and sipping our cup tea and looking at the sunset we felt that we had taken the right decision. When it got dark, we went and sat in the living room. While my parents were playing a game of Chess, I was listening to music. 

The owner of the place came to ask if everything was fine? We were so happy to talk to him as he himself was a down to earth person and congratulated him for his pleasant, tasteful and sophisticated decoration of the home. He was so obliged by our greetings that he himself prepared the delicious chicken curry for us which we had in the dinner. The dinner items were very elaborate which included - rice, roti, mixed vegetable, dal and yes the chicken preparation for sure. Above all that, we had kheer for our desert. 

After a tiring day while we were going to sleep, I just thought of going to the balcony of our room and the night view of Mussoorie delighted me. Oh! I was just exhilarated. 

The next morning when we got up and sat in the verandah for a little addah with our lemon tea, many different bird species were our friendly guests sucking nectar from the plants. We visited the home-stay garden where we saw all sorts of vegetables like- eggplant, pumpkin, papaya, bannana, tomatoes, cauliflower etc. This excited my mother as she loves gardening and took some idea from the gardener of the home-stay about how to take care of the plants. It was a Saturday and we thought of driving to Mussoorie, have lunch, roam around in the mall road and come back. 

While driving to Mussoorie, the view of the Dehradun city looked stunning. We ate lunch in one of the popular restaurant called - Chic Chocolate. Sitting in the restaurant, you get the Colonial period vibes. We had to drive back to Dehradun, so we did not waste much of a time. 

We came back and packed our luggage as we had to leave for Delhi the next day. After packing, me and my parents passed the time by playing UNO. This is something we really enjoy. We had late lunch, so we were not in a mood to have an elaborate dinner, so we ordered Buddhiman that he make sweet corn chicken soup and salad. We slept early as we had to drive the next morning to Delhi. 

In the morning I didn't feel like leaving "Gorayya Home-Stay" but I did not have any other option. We thanked the owners and Buddhiman for our delightful stay and promising to ourselves for a sure next visit to this delightful place.    

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